Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to configure windows server 2008 password complexity

As an administrator you may run into this as you aim to make a secure user environment. Password complexity should be turned on By default but you may want to make changes for example you may wanto increase or decrease minimum password lenght and or maximum password age.

Note: Turning of password complexity is not recomended.

1. logon as a domain administrator

2. click start administrative tools>Group Policy Management

3. find the policy that deals with the password settings most likely the "defualt domain policy" right click then left click edit on the menu that comes up

4. Computer configuration>windows Settings>security settings> Account Policies>Password Policy

make the changes you need to make exit then click start>run and type gpupdate, this make sure that the changes take effect.

Note: Do not Click Start > Run, type gpedit.msc > click OK

this deals with local policy settings and configuration options for password complexity will be grayed out since it is a domain group policy setting and cannot be configured using the local group policy editor.

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