Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to use microsoft powerpoint with extended desktop

Using power point with extended desktop
Once upon a time, the human resource manager came to the I. T. department and asked if I can help him find a way to project his power point presentation on a screen while at the same time have the full functionality of his desktop.
“Sure” I said. And told him all about MS’s extended desktop feature.
So away he went to try it only to return about 15 minutes later with an expression of despair. Although this is not something difficult to do it is not so straightforward either so if there is anyone else out there wondering how to do this, here are the steps to using MS PowerPoint extended desktop feature:

Open MS PowerPoint presentation
Click slide show on the main menu
Office2003 under use multiple monitors choose your secondary display
Office 2007 next to show presentation on, choose your secondary display.

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